Cemetery Regulations

These Regulations are designed to protect the Cemetery and to preserve its beauty.  All Owners, Visitors, and Contractors shall be subject to these Regulations and to all
amendments adopted from time to time by the Cemetery.


Cemetery means the Ridge Park Cemetery, located in Marshall, Missouri.
2.    Interment means inurnment, entombment, or burial of the remains of deceased person.
3.    Interment Space means a Grave Space.
4.    Interment Right means the right to inter in an Interment Space.
5.    Owner means the person or entity that owns an Interment Right as determined by the Cemetery’s records.
6.    Grave Space means a single earth burial space.
7.    Lawn Crypt means a crypt specially constructed, drained and vented for below ground Interment.
8.    Mausoleum Crypt means an aboveground burial space in a mausoleum.
9.    Cemetery Deed means a legal instrument conveying an Interment Right to an Owner.
10.  Memorial means any marker, nameplate, or identification or memorialization.
11.  Contractor means any person or entity, except a Cemetery employee, engaged in or performing any work in the Cemetery.

Purchase and Ownership of Interment Rights

   Interment Rights shall be purchased by a written purchase agreement executed by the Cemetery; verbal agreements or representations shall not bind the Cemetery.  After an
Owner fulfills all the requirements of the purchase agreement, the Cemetery shall issue a A
ssignment of Burial Rights which vests in the holder an Interment Right only.  
2.    After the death of an Owner, the Owner’s rights in any vacant or unused Interment Space shall pass first to the Owner’s surviving spouse, and if no spouse exists, then to the
Owner’s closest living heir at law as determined by Missouri’s rules of descent and distribution under R.S.MO Section 474.010.  If an Owner has heirs at law who are of the same
degree of kinship, then the Owner’s rights shall pass to the heir at law having the closest residence to the Cemetery.  The determination as to rights to ownership of vacant or
unused Interment Space will be made at time a burial or an assignment is requested.  
3.    The Owner shall not sell or transfer Interment Rights unless the Cemetery approve such sale or transfer in writing.  The Cemetery may withhold consent to a sale or transfer or
Interment Rights if any indebtedness is due from the Owner to the Cemetery (or Owner is in violation of any of these Regulations.)
4.    All sales or transfers shall be subject to a transfer charge, in an amount determined from time to time by the Cemetery, which must be paid prior to the Cemetery’s approval of
such sale or transfer.
5.    After the death of the Owner, the Owner’s burial rights to the unused spaces may be transferred  to the person succeeding to Owner’s rights under Paragraph 2 above upon
receipt of proof satisfactory to Cemetery.
6.    Disinterment by heirs of interred or cremated remains so that the Interment Right maybe sold for a profit or any disinterment contrary to the expressed or implied wishes of the
decedent, is forbidden.
7.     No interment Right shall be purchased for investment of speculative purposes, and any such purchase shall be void and all interment Rights shall revert to the Cemetery.

Interments and Disinterment

   Except as agreed in writing between the Cemetery and the Owner or Owner’s legal Representative, no Interment or disinterment shall be made unless all purchase or transfer
charges have been paid in full.
2.    After entering the Cemetery, funeral processions shall be subject to the direction of the Cemetery.
3.    The Cemetery may correct without notice or consent any errors that the Cemetery may make in Interments, disinterment, or removals, or in the inscription, transfer or
conveyance of Memorial, which corrective measure may include, without limitation, the disinterment of a deceased person interred in an incorrect Interment Space, the substitution of
Interment Spaces of similar value and location, or the cancellation of purchase agreement and refund of any money paid there under.
4.    All Interments must be scheduled with the Cemetery at least 24 hours in advance.  Information regarding the times and days when funerals are permitted is available from the
Cemetery office.
5.    An Interment in a Grave Space must be approved in writing on a Cemetery form by that Space’s Owner, the heir at law succeeding to Owner’s rights under these regulations, or
the individual who contracted for the subject funeral and Interment.
6.    There shall be no more than One Interment in any one Interment Space.  However, the Cemetery will allow the cremation remains of two persons in one interment Space.  All
cremation remains must be placed in an urn vault.  Cremation urn vaults may not be interred in a pre-existing regular interment, or placed in a foundation for a monument or marker.  
Markers or monuments may not be placed in the middle of an Interment Space.  See Memorials & Monuments Section.
7.    All Interments shall be in rigid caskets which completely enclose the remains and which are equipped with handles sufficiently strong to permit the casket to be carried.  In
addition, Interments shall be encased in at least a two-piece grave lining of sufficient structural strength to support backfill and maintenance equipment or a vault.  The Cemetery
reserves the right to reject caskets and graves linings that do not conform to these requirements.
8.    The Cemetery is not responsible for establishing the identity of persons to be interred.
9.    The Cemetery is not liable for any damages caused by delays in funerals due to causes beyond the Cemetery’s control or due to a protest to an Interment.
10.  When a disinterment and removal of a deceased person is to be made from an indigent Grave Space to another Interment Space, the formerly occupied indigent Grave Space
and all rights therein revert to the Cemetery.  If no metal or concrete grave lining or vault was used for the previous Interment in an indigent Grave Space, one must be furnished
before Interment in such other Grave Space.
11.  Except as described in paragraph 3 above hereof, a disinterment may be authorized only by the person originally authorizing the Interment, or by a court order.  All disinterment
must be approved by the Cemetery and must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.  Information regarding the time and days when disinterment fees as established from time to
time by the Cemetery and all other fees and charges must be paid in full prior to a disinterment.

Care and Maintenance of the Cemetery

   The Cemetery’s opening and closing hours are daily at the time posed at the gate.  During weekend funerals, the maintenance building office will be open, and Cemetery’s
sexton will be available.  Cemetery’s account and sales office located at 925 South Odell, Marshall, MO is open 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.
2.    From time to time and without notice, the cemetery may enlarge, reduce, replat, or change the boundaries or grading of all or any part of the cemetery and may install, change,
repair or remove any Cemetery road, walkway, feature, improvement, or fixture, as the Cemetery deems proper.  The Cemetery reserves the right to use all unsold Cemetery
property for such purposes as the Cemetery deems proper.
3.    Agreements for special care memorial funds can be provided subject to approval of the Cemetery with the rights to reject gifts.
4.    All grading, road work, landscape work, improvement of any kind, care of Interment Spaces, openings and closings of Interment Spaces, Interments, disinterment, and removals
of property shall be made by the Cemetery or its approved Contractors using equipment approved in advance by the Cemetery.
5.    The Cemetery reserves to itself a perpetual right of ingress and egress to and from all Interment lots, roads, and walkways in the Cemetery.
6.    If any tree, shrub or plant standing on or adjacent to any interment Space, road, walkway, feature, improvement, or fixture, the Cemetery may (but is not required to) remove
such tree shrub or plant, or any part thereof, or otherwise correct the condition, as the Cemetery deems proper, without notice to any Owner or any other person.
7.    The Cemetery may use any property which the Cemetery owns near or adjacent to the Cemetery for any purpose which the Cemetery deems proper, including without limitation
selling or developing such property for uses other than as a cemetery.

Cemetery Operations

   No Lawn crypt, above ground or surface mausoleum crypts is allowed except in  designated area for these crypts exclusively.
2.    Decorations and Flowers on graves:
·   Only temporary containers will be permitted that contain fresh flowers or   artificial bouquets.
·   If the stone or metal memorial has vases that are permanent to the monument itself, these may be filled with fresh or artificial arrangements.
·   Artificial flowers with wire stems may not be stuck in the ground.
·   Christmas wreaths may be placed on stones, but must be removed on or before the 7th day of January.
·    No grave blankets will be allowed.
·    Any decoration the owner wishes to retain must be picked up and removed from the Interment Space within 7 days after placement.
·   The Cemetery may remove, without notice, any planting decoration, or other object placed on or about any Interment Space.  The Cemetery assumes no liability for removal.
·   All decorations and flowers may be placed upon graves from the beginning of Memorial Day weekend.  These must be removed sometime during the seven days following
Memorial Day.  Public Notice will be given of this date.  Public Notice will also be given on approximately the 7th day of January to remove Christmas decorations.
·   After the approximate seven-day span, all flowers or decorations will be discarded.
·   The Cemetery may remove and dispose of any and all decorations at any time that the Cemetery determines necessary.
·   The Cemetery does not allow the planting or cultivated shrubbery, trees, flowers, or ground covers around individual memorial stones.
·   The Cemetery allows only permanent monuments, headstones, and/or foot stones on Interment Spaces depending upon location.  It is prohibited to place on any Interment
Space any of the following but not limited to things such as:
Wooden, concrete, cast-iron, cast-aluminum, or plastic bench or chair
Urns that are not permanent to the memorial stone
Hanging baskets, bird feeders, wind chimes or pinwheels
   No Enclosure of any kind such as a fence, coping, hedge, or ditch shall be permitted around an Interment Space.
4.    No Loose rock, gravel, or edging materials may be used on an Interment Space memorial stone or marker
5.    No Interment Space shall be raised above the established grade.
6.    No individual other than a Contractor may set or reset an Interment Space memorial or stone or marker
7.    No persons shall be permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the Cemetery.
8.    No picnicking, loitering, demonstrations, or assemblies other than funerals will be allowed
9.    The Cemetery expressly disclaims all responsibility for all loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control including but no limited to ice damage, thieves, vandals,
acts of God, explosions, unavoidable accidents (including without limitation damage to Memorials due by mowing equipment) or war, whether direct or indirect.  In particular, the
Cemetery assumes no responsibility for Memorials, flowers, decorations, vases, urns, or other property on any Interment Space.
10.  No Person shall be permitted to enter or leave the Cemetery except by Cemetery access roads.
11.  Opening and closing hours will be posted at the Cemetery gates.  Gates will be locked up the hour.
12.  Any person found in the Cemetery after closing hours may be considered a trespasser.
13.  All persons in the Cemetery shall conduct themselves with proper decorum, and at the discretion of the Cemetery anyone may be removed from the Cemetery for any breach of
this rule.
14.  All persons should refrain from walking on graves or climbing or sitting on monuments.
15.  No Vehicle shall be driven in the Cemetery at a speed greater than 15 MPH.  All vehicles shall be restricted to the roads and shall drive and park on the right side.  No undue
noise shall be permitted in operating a vehicle through the Cemetery, and only licensed drivers may operate vehicles within the Cemetery.
16.  The Cemetery reserves the right to exclude any or all vehicles from the Cemetery when it is deemed necessary.  The Cemetery also reserves the right exclude any vehicle that
might cause any damage to the roads within the Cemetery.
17.  All dogs must be leashed and walked only on roadways.
18.  No hunting, trapping or participation in any sporting even or game activities is permitted within the Cemetery.
19.  All persons are strictly prohibited from picking flowers, removing trees or shrubs, and making any alteration to any property within the Cemetery or the decorations placed by a
20.  Visitors and Owners must not engage or pay Cemetery employees working on the Cemetery grounds.  The sexton will give special assistance to visitors and Owners regarding
location of lots and lots available for sale.  All orders, inquiries and complaints must be addressed to the Cemetery office and/or the sexton.
21.  All persons are reminded that the Cemetery is devoted to the burial of the dead and that the provisions and penalties provided by statute will strictly be enforced in all cases of
injury, disturbance or disregard of the rules.

Memorials – Monuments

   The Cemetery requires that a permanent stone or metal military marker be placed on the Interment Space within one year of the date of burial. The Cemetery will not maintain,
repair, or replace temporary metal markers.  These temporary metal markers will be removed after a Memorial is set.
2.    The Cemetery reserves the right to pre-approve a Memorial’s size, design, and inscription before it can be set in line with other stones in that section.
3.    Agreements for the purchase of a Memorial from an independent monument dealer shall be in writing on an approved form.  All terms and conditions for such “purchase” or
“order” must be recited in a written agreement to the Cemetery.  Verbal agreements or representations will not be binding.
4.    Any Contractor who delivers or installs Memorials must sign an agreement with the Cemetery regarding the terms and conditions of such delivery or installation and agree to
abide by these Regulations prior to making any installation.
5.    Prior to installation of any memorial, an Owner shall pay all amounts due to the Cemetery for Interment Spaces, opening and closing fees or other property or services
purchased from the Cemetery.
6.    No installation of any Memorial shall be made without the written authorization of the Owner or the Owner’s legal representative.
7.    The Cemetery has established rules regarding the size, installation, location and placement of Memorials that have been adopted to preserve and enhance the beauty of the
Cemetery.  Information regarding the rules is available from the Cemetery Owners and Contractors shall consult with the Cemetery prior to purchasing or installing Memorials to
avoid nonconforming Memorials or installations.  Owners may vary from these rules to match previously placed Memorials and should consult the Cemetery before purchasing and
installing replacement Memorials.  All memorials that do not conform that do not conform to the Cemetery’s rules shall be removed at the cost of the Owner.
8.    If the Cemetery determines that any Memorial, inscription or any other object placed in the Cemetery is offensive or improper, the Cemetery has the right (but not the obligation)
to remove, change or correct the offensive or improper Memorial, inscription or object without notice, at the expense of the Owner.
9.    In the “Memorial Lawn Section” of the Cemetery, Memorial’s must be flush with the established grade.
10.  Flush markers furnished by the government are the only types of military Memorial permitted.  The Cemetery will not approve orders for government markers until the legal
representative of the deceased veteran has signed a foundation purchase agreement and an installation agreement with the Cemetery or a Contractor.
11.  No more than two burials shall be identified on any flush Memorial, unless approved in writing by the Cemetery prior to installation.
12.  If the Cemetery determines repairs necessary to any Memorial or Interment Space, the Cemetery shall notify the Owner at the Owner’s address according to the Cemetery
Ridge Park Cemetery
Marshall, MO
The Board of Trustees adopted these Regulations in 1998