Foundation Specifications
Specifications on foundations must be mixed concrete (no Sak Crete).

1.    V.A. Marker and Bronze marker needs to be in a precast form with concrete foundation tied into vault below.  Minimum depth: 24 inches.
2.    Marker: has to be a minimum of 24 inches in depth with wet concrete foundation.
3.    Monument: has to be a minimum of 3 feet deep.
a.   If the stone is 4 feet long, then the foundation must go 4 feet in depth.
b.   Monuments which are large or an odd size will have foundation that meets the minimum and then will be adjusted at the time the Memorial Order is
placed based upon approximate weight and size (dimension).
4.    Before the wet concrete is poured the hole must be inspected to ensure it is the right depth per the Memorial Order.
a.   The concrete can then be poured and the sextant must be on hand when monument is set in place and the sealant applied.
b.   A sand/gravel sealant must be used to attached monument/marker to foundation.
c.   A 3 feet deep hold can take up to an hour to fill and set up to tacky state when monument can be set in place.
5.    Contractors must be responsible/accountable (for repairs) for any ruts or damage done to lots, etc., during this installation process.
6.    Excess concrete, gravel, sand, dirt, or wash from this process must be cleaned up from site.  It may not be dumped in cemetery without sextant’s
7.    Concrete trucks are not allowed except by special order for an unusually large foundation.  Unusually large monuments requiring a crane or special
machinery must be pre-approved.
8.    Ridge Park Cemetery will not provide manpower or supplies.
9.    Installation must be completed during the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.
10.  Installer/Contractor must schedule a time for this work with sextant after approval has been made of monument/marker.  This time must be confirmed
24 hours ahead in case we have a funeral at that time.
11.  Our office must approve memorial orders and the sextant must inspect lot where memorial is to be placed.
12.  Inspection charge: $60.00 due before work is initiated.
13.  If future repair work is needed for a monument/marker or etching is to be done, the contractor must check with the sextant beforehand.
Cemetery Regulations for Memorial Dealers and Contractors

1.    Written authorization must be obtained from the interment space’s owner (“Owner”) before any work can be performed to install a Memorial.
2.    Unless the cemetery gives prior authorization, no work can be performed installing a memorial on an interment space where the Owner has not paid all
amounts due to the Cemetery including opening and closing fees.
3.    The Owner must authorize all Memorial placement orders.
4.    Memorial Dealers/Contractors must give 24 hours advance notice to the Cemetery before making a Memorial installation, unless the Cemetery and
the Memorial Dealer/Contractor under emergency circumstances agree upon a shorter notification period.
5.    Memorial Dealers/Contractors must provide a copy of a signed original order at least eight (8) working hours prior to a Memorial Installation.
6.    Installation must be started and completed during normal working hours, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Memorial Dealer/Contractor must
also comply with the following while on Cemetery property.
·      Licensed vehicles will not be permitted on any grass area.
·      All excess dirt resulting from a memorial installation will be removed to an area in the Cemetery as directed by the sexton.
·      All Memorial Dealer/Contractor shall go to the Cemetery maintenance building for the sexton or other authorized person to ascertain the location and
the laid-out area for the Memorial.
·      The installation will be inspected and approved or disapproved prior to Memorial Dealer/Contractor leaving the Cemetery by the sexton or other
authorized person.
·      All Memorials will be installed with contour of ground. No Interment Space shall be raised above the established grade.
·      Memorial Dealers/Contractors and their workers must be fully clothed at all times while in the Cemetery.
7.    Memorial Dealers/Contractors shall reimburse the Cemetery for any damage they cause to the Cemetery, the trees, or to Memorials, feature or any
other improvement to Cemetery property.
8.    Memorial Dealers/Contractors shall indemnify the Cemetery and hold it harmless from any injuries suffered by Memorial Dealer’s/Contractor’s
employees while on Cemetery premises as a result of the negligence or carelessness of the Memorial Dealer/Contractor or the Memorial Dealer’
s/Contractor’s employees or agents.
9.    Memorial Dealers/Contractors shall indemnify the Cemetery and hold the Cemetery harmless from and against all loss, liability, damage and expense
incurred by Cemetery resulting from the Memorial Dealer’s/Contractor’s or their employee’s acts or omissions.
10.  Memorial Dealer/Contractors shall abide by all O.S.H.A. and EPA regulations.
11.  Memorial Dealer/Contractors shall maintain at least $500,000 in liability insurance coverage and maintain statutory Worker’s Compensation coverage
on all officers, partners, directors and employees involved in memorial installation at the Cemetery.  Upon request, Memorial Dealer/Contractor shall
present to the Cemetery written evidence of such coverage.  Memorial Dealer/Contractor will, present Cemetery written evidence of the liability insurance
coverage described herein prior to starting to install a memorial.  Damage arising from the failure to perform any required follow-up service may be
collected with notice to the Memorial Dealer/Contractor.
12.  If through binding arbitration of Memorial Dealer/Contractor is found to be in violation of these Cemetery regulations and has not complied with the
arbitrator’s decision, the Memorial Dealer/Contractor may be prohibited from participating in Memorial installations at the Cemetery.
13.  Memorial Dealer/Contractor are prohibited from falsely representing to Owners that they are affiliated in anyway, directly or indirectly with the
14.  Memorial Dealer/Contractors are prohibited from recommending that fees assessed to Owners by the Cemetery need not be paid.
15.  The Cemetery reserves the right to reject or correct all work which in the Cemetery’s opinion is unsatisfactory due to failure to conform to
specifications and these Regulations or defects in design, workmanship, or materials.  Any correction made in the unsatisfactory work of a Memorial
Dealer/Contractor after such Memorial Dealer/Contractors has been given the opportunity to correct such work shall be at the expense of the Memorial
16.  The Cemetery reserves the right to stop all work of any nature whenever, the Cemetery’s opinion: (i) proper preparation therefore has not been made;
(ii) tools or equipment are insufficient or defective; (iii) such work is being executed in such a manner as to threaten life or property; (iv) the contractor has
been guilty of misrepresentation; (v) work is not being executed according to approved specifications; or (vii) when any person employed on the work
violates any rule contained in these Regulations.
Ridge Park Cemetery
Marshall, MO