The Harris Monument
Mrs. Harris was the first wife of Henry
Harris.  She died from Typhoid during
delivery of her baby, the baby passed
away four days later.  Mr. Harris was
so heartbroken that he had this
monument erected in her image.
Information obtained from Henry Harris' grandson.
Jim the Wonder Dog
Jim the Wonder Dog was Llewellyn
Setter born in Louisiana and belonged
to Sam VanArsdale.  Jim displayed
signs of an extremely high intelligence
and the ability to predict the future.  
For example he correctly predicted the
winner of the Kentucky Derby for 7
Information obtained from Friends of Jim and photo obtained from
eyeoh4's photostream
The Haselwood Memorial
This memorial was recently found and
dug up in the older section of Ridge
Park. James W. Haselwood is not
buried in Ridge Park Cemetery, his life
and death have not be substantiated
by Andersonville Prison.
The Elmore Cross
This monument stands on the
Elmore Lot in Section 3.
The Entrance to Ridge Park

Photo by Katherine Bennett
Ridge Park Cemetery
Marshall, MO