In the early 1800's, the Marshall Missouri community felt the need for a dry and suitable
spot in which to bury loved ones. Mr. P. H. Rea, the first chairman of the board, Jacob
VanDyke, and eleven other gentlemen came together to create such a place in April 1885.
At the suggestion of the  Honorable William H. Letcher, the name Ridge Park Cemetery
was selected and the board determined to make the cemetery a park.  Ben Grove, a noted
cemetery and landscape engineer of Louisville, Kentucky, was engaged to  elegantly plat
and lay out the walkways and avenues for the general beautification of the site. The
founding gentlemen wanted a “beautiful cemetery, which shall only be surpassed by
those of larger cities in size, but not in beauty.”

Today Ridge Park Cemetery has expanded beyond that original plat and is the final
resting place for nearly 13,000 individuals.  With its interesting layout, monuments,
statues, fountain, and gardens, it has indeed become the beautiful park that the founders
envisioned.  The dedicated employees work year round to ensure that the cemetery
continues to be a beautiful, quiet and respectful resting place.

Ridge Park Cemetery facilitates both regular burials and cremation burials and a special
section of the cemetery has been dedicated to infant burials.  It is the goal of the
cemetery to work smoothly with funeral homes to make the interment of loved ones as
easy as possible at a time of grief and stress.  The cemetery can also facilitate graveside
services or memorials for cremation burials without requiring the services of a funeral
Ridge Park Cemetery
Marshall, MO
“A beautiful cemetery, which shall
only be surpassed by those of larger
cities in size, but not in beauty.”
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In the last few years winter storms and summer drought have been extremely hard on the hundred
year old trees in Ridge Park Cemetery and many have had to be removed.  Shade trees are important
to the beautification of the Cemetery so we are asking for tree donations.  If you are interested in
planting a tree please contact the Cemetery's business office for information.

We offer special thanks to those who have already donated.
The Boedeker Family
The Senter Family
The Beclin Family
The VanDyke Family
The Rea Family
The Boillet Family
The Cox Family        
The Harvey Family           
The McCoy Family            
The Narron Family      
The Igo Family   
The Buckner Family
The Clouse Family
Recent Burials

Dorothy Cook

J.R. Wade

Virginia Ussery
Burial Date 9/30/2017

Kenneth Ussery

Eugene Kasza

Robert Huesgen
Date of Burial 9/23/2017
The Clemens Family
The Graver Family
The Berlin Family
The Young Family
The Stevens Family
The Knipschild
Solar lights may be  
placed by the family in
permanently mounted
monument. Solar lights
may only be WHITE,  
they cannot exceed 7
watts in LED power and
cannot exceed 18 inches
in height above the top
of the vase and they
must be in their own
casing. The cemetery is
not equipped to maintain
solar lights, maintenance
is the responsibility of
the family.  Broken or
unmaintained lights will
be removed and
disposed of.